Unarmed Citizen Shot by North Miami Police Officer


Charles-KinseyThe circumstances surrounding the shooting of a North Miami resident, Charles Kinsey, by local police officers shine a brighter light on the divided discussion about race and law enforcement currently sweeping the nation.  Mr. Kinsey, a behavioral therapist, was helping one of his autistic patients in the roadway in North Miami, Florida.  When police responded to a 911 call about an armed suicidal man in the neighborhood, they instructed the men to remain still.  While lying on the ground, unarmed and hands outstretched into the air, a police officer reportedly shot Kinsey three times in the leg.  Incredibly, Kinsey was then handcuffed while he bled from his wounds in the street.  Kinsey is currently recovering at an area hospital.

Law enforcement officers perform an invaluable service to the community at, often, a great personal cost. We owe so much to our guardians in blue. However, when our protectors become the perpetrators, they need to be held legally accountable for the harm that they cause.  In this situation, it appears that the North Miami Police Department is wholly responsible for the serious injuries and damages suffered by Charles Kinsey.

The Boyers Law Group attorneys have a successful record of championing the rights of citizens victimized by police officers.  For example, Robert Boyers recently represented a client that was being pursued for an alleged traffic infraction by members of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office.  The client was chased on foot from his car into a canal in which he ultimately drowned. There was conflicting testimony regarding how the victim, a devoted father on his way home from work, ended up in the canal but neighborhood witnesses say that before he drowned to death, he was beaten by police.  The officers involved denied ever touching the victim.  At trial, Mr. Boyers introduced testimony and evidence that police radio recordings were altered and that the injuries sustained by the victim were consistent with a beating.  After 2½ hours of jury deliberations, and based on information supplied by jurors, the judge declared a mistrial due to evidence of improper contacts by the defendant deputies with jurors during the trial.  After more success in post-trial hearings, Boyers negotiated a confidential settlement with the police department.

At the Boyers Law Group, we have been fighting on behalf of the victims of injustice for over 25 years.  Our lawyers have represented clients who were catastrophically harmed by negligent actors throughout the state of Florida. Our cases have resulted in millions of dollars in compensation to our clients.  If you or a loved one has been injured and you would like to speak with an experienced lawyer about your legal rights, please contact us at 800-545-9100, for a free consultation about your legal rights.

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