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Another completely preventable tragedy occurred near the FIU campus in Miami today when a concrete pedestrian bridge collapsed killing several people and injuring many others.  Officers and emergency personnel are working hard to treat the individuals still trapped in the debris and to clear the devastating scene.  This is not the first time that a heavy structure in Miami has claimed the lives of helpless and innocent students and citizens.  But with greater care and enhanced oversight, let’s strive to make it the last.

According to news reports, this walkway was built and designed by Munilla Construction Management in partnership with FIGG Bridge Engineers.  Florida bridge engineers, designers and construction companies such as these have a legal duty to carefully perform calculations, prepare plans and designs and build bridges according to exacting industry standards so that the structures are safe.  Clearly, one or more of the bridge engineers, designers or construction companies involved in erecting this pedestrian walkway failed to discharge this important duty.  Today’s events demonstrate that these types of failures can be catastrophic.

As experienced attorneys in bridge collapse and structural defect cases, we know what it takes to hold companies accountable for their negligent actions and omissions.   Our lawyers have been representing victims harmed by engineers and construction companies for more than 25 years.

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